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Glenda Woodward
Local Immunisation Coordinator

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The aim of the Division’s immunisation program is:

 1. To reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases through increased vaccine uptake on Yorke Peninsula.

2. To improve the quality of immunisation services throughout the region

3. Provide timely information, advice and education to the relevant personnel of immunisation services within Yorke Peninsula, in order to encourage and better enable them to deliver high quality immunisation services

The program can help with:

  • Education and assistance in regards to following up ACIR overdue reports
  • Advice on cold-chain monitoring and vaccine storage
  • Encouraging and assistance where necessary for practices to enter encounters to the ACIR online
  • Advice on the Vaccination schedule
  • Advice on all National Immunisation Campaigns
  • Education about immunisation programs for practices and other health services
Parent/Carer Information

Parents/Carers information

Childhood Immunisation Services available on Yorke Peninsula

  • Immunisation services available through local GPs (bulk billed at all practices)

School Program

In 2011 the School Immunisation program is offering:

  • Year 8 male and female students, Hepatitis B and Chickenpox vaccinations
  • Year 8 female students only, the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine
  • Year 9 students, combined Diphtheria, tetanus and

whooping cough vaccination (known as Boostrix).

If a child has had a tetanus booster recently they are still able to have this vaccination as it also gives protection from whooping cough.

Immunisation Resources (for Health Professionals)
General Practice Immunisation Incentives (GPII)
Immunisation Resources (for Parents/Carers)